About Us.

Welcome to The Hot Box Sauna, where our story is woven by the collaborative efforts of a diverse team, including veterans, craftsmen, athletes, and wellness experts. United by a shared commitment to advancing human performance and wellness, our journey began with inspiration drawn from Finnish Special Forces for a mobile heat therapy device. The result? An exquisitely made, all-natural product meticulously crafted using locally sourced materials. Years of dedication and passion, fueled by our unique blend of expertise, filled a market void for accessible heat therapy devices. Witness the evolution of our sauna, perfected through the artistry of CNC machining, Amish craftsmanship, and innovative engineering. As we embrace Finnish Sauna culture and the natural beauty of nature, The Hot Box Sauna is not just a product; it's a revolution in heat therapy. Join us on this transformative journey, wholeheartedly devoted to precision and wellness.

Brady's Story.

During my time in the SEAL Teams, I had the opportunity to work with some of the most elite groups in the world. The exchange of experience and information while building foreign relationships had proven itself to be invaluable for the evolution of the SEAL Teams. My platoon and I traveled across Europe sharing tactics, technique, and new technology to ensure mission success. While training with the Finnish Jaegers (Finnish Special Forces) I learned an ancient technique with huge performance enhancing benefits. During a month long joint training exercise, at the end of each day, I would see the Finnish guys walking in and out of a Conex Box (military shipping container) wearing shorts and flip flops. I soon found out that these guys had a custom, military grade sauna that they traveled everywhere with. It was loaded on flatbed trucks, military vessels, and cargo planes. These guys were beyond serious about their sauna. At that time, I was under the impression that saunas were more of a relaxing spa treatment. I was shocked that their military would go through the trouble to ensure their guys were properly pampered. I understood that saunas were a huge part of their culture, but this seemed a bit extreme. It turns out, it was worth it! The Finnish Jaegers saw sauna usage as a tactical asset. Optimizing the health and performance of their operators was paramount. I became obsessed with heat therapy and buried myself in research.